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  • May 09, 2023 5 min read

    Sometimes, the difference between failure and success is one thing: self-confidence. You can be well-prepared to face anything but, if you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, it can have an impact on the outcome of whatever you perform and set out to do. It’s safe to say that self-confidence is the foundation of success in nearly every aspect of life—whether that’s a personal relationship or your professional endeavors. Unfortunately, a lot of us struggle with this and, if bad enough, it can really hold us back from achieving our goals.


    Self-confidence, defined.

    First, let’s define what self-confidence is. It’s “a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment.” In itself, it’s also the attitude we have when it comes to our capabilities and whether or not we believe in what we can do. Confidence can uplift us and push us to greater heights but, in reverse, the lack of it can hinder us from becoming the best we can be.

    Thankfully, there are many ways we can give our self-confidence a boost. These are just six ways how!


    1. Start simple: practice self-compassion.

    This may be the simplest thing on this list but, sadly, it’s also often the most overlooked. The reason is simple: most of us often push ourselves to the limit and forget that we need some kindness and patience—just like everyone else—as we work on achieving our goals and making something of ourselves. It’s easy to get lost in a mindset that believes we need to keep going “no matter what” but we also have to be mindful of our own feelings and thoughts, accept them, and respond to each one with kindness and understanding.

    It can be something as simple as taking a break. If we’ve been working constantly and extra hard, do we need one? We most likely do and more than just because it’s a requirement. We also deserve to rest, to step away from our work, and enjoy other things.

    By practicing self-compassion, we help build and maintain self-confidence because it assists us in cultivating a more positive self-image, one where we have a better sense of self-worth.


    2. Use your strengths to your advantage.

    Each one of us has our own unique skill sets, talents and abilities. When we focus on what these are by acknowledging and celebrating them, we help give our self-confidence a boost because we’re more aware of what we bring to the table. This increases our feeling of self-worth since we know what value we bring to the world.

    Apart from that, when we’re sure of our strengths, we can face and overcome challenges and obstacles more easily! Think of it as a great loop: the more you recognize all the things you can do well, the more you become confident and this same confidence will drive you to do better.


    3. Don’t forget to be realistic—with your goals.

    Escapism and daydreaming is all well and good, but when it comes to setting goals, being realistic is always the way to go. We want to dream big and be as hopeful as we can, but at the same time, we don’t want to set ourselves up for failure either. So the key? Really consider different factors like our level of skill, resources available to us, and the timeframe we have to work with as we list down our goals.

    It’s almost of utmost importance to break down bigger goals into smaller steps! This helps build momentum and allows us to celebrate our small wins, which can boost our self-confidence and motivate us to work harder with the knowledge that we’re moving closer and closer to our success, one bite-sized goal at a time.

    Need help with setting realistic goals? Here are five ways to do so! You can also pair it up with a progress tracker so you can really see how you’re doing—read more about it in this post.


    4. Don’t forget to take care of not just your body but also your mind.

    This is absolutely crucial to building self-confidence! If we’re doing well physically and mentally, we’re more likely to feel energized, focused, and capable. This means we’re able to handle stress and anxiety in more effective ways, allowing us to tackle challenges with focus and alertness, and of course, confidence.

    Proper care for our mental and physical health can also improve our overall well-being, which then leads to an increased feeling of self-worth. By now, we’re sure you’re seeing a pattern. The items in this list feed off of each other in positive ways.

    Journaling is just one way to take care of your mental health! Here are some of its benefits plus three ways to journal for better mental health in general. As for taking care of the body, exercise is definitely a must! Our founder, Chris Elfering, has some tips on how to keep a fitness tracker as you start working on your fitness goals right here.


    5. Choose the people you surround yourself with.

    We’re not the only ones who have an impact on our self-confidence. Try as we might, the people that surround us on a daily basis also have an effect on it, whether directly or otherwise. It’s the truth. Our family, friends, and colleagues all play a role in shaping our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

    This is why we have to be intentional when it comes to choosing who we allow into our circle. When we surround ourselves with positive, supportive, and encouraging people, of course we’re more likely to feel motivated, empowered, and confident! But if the people around us are constantly negative, critical, and unsupportive, then it can become challenging to maintain our self-confidence and self-esteem.


    6. Let failure teach you, not hold you back.

    It’s understandable to feel afraid of failure. Who doesn’t want to succeed, right? But instead of viewing it as a sign of weakness, which is something a lot of us see it as, we can view it as an opportunity to learn and grow. This is where cultivating a growth mindset comes in: we want to take on challenges and take what we can glean from them for the purpose of doing better as we continue moving forward.

    Every time we experience a setback, don’t forget to reflect on what went wrong and figure out what changes or improvements you can do or make. Let failure help you build the resilience needed to keep going, which can also assist you in developing greater self-confidence over time.

    Want to read more about how failure can lead to success? Check out this post!


    Build your self-confidence one great practice at a time.

    This is an ongoing process that requires a lot of effort and dedication. Though there may be instances when you feel down, don’t forget to pick yourself back up! Self-confidence is something that a lot of people struggle with, but there are also many others who have built and maintained their own, allowing them to reach great heights. This means you can too.

    What other ways can you think of to give your self-confidence a boost? Share it with us in the comments below!

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