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  • March 07, 2023 4 min read

    In today's world, social media has painted a picture of self-care as nothing more than bubble baths, spa days, and buying ourselves what we want. While there's nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then, self-care is much deeper than what we see online. True self-care is about taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally on a regular basis. It's about putting yourself first and making sure that you are prioritizing your well-being. Let's face it though: in the midst of our busy lives, it's not always easy to make time for self-care. But that's where a self-care planner comes in!

    In today's post, we'll explore the benefits of self-care planning and provide you with a guide on how to get started!


    Benefits of Self-Care Planning

    Creating a self-care planner can provide you with numerous benefits. Here are just a few of them:


    It improves mental health and physical health.

    Engaging in self-care activities is known to have a positive impact on mental health and well-being. In fact, results of a national survey in the US indicate that self care has helped Americans enhance their self-confidence (64%), increase their productivity (67%), and helped them become happier (71%). Physically, research also suggests that it helps build and foster resilience so that we're better equipped not just to deal with stress but also live longer.


    It helps you become better at managing your time.

    With a self-care planner, you're able to prioritize what truly matters: yourself. Instead of having a schedule that solely focuses on the things that you need to get done, it also provides you with an overview of how your days are like which then gives you the opportunity to incorporate certain activities that promote your well-being. So you're finishing important tasks without sacrificing your health.


    It increases awareness, which means you become more accountable.

    A self-care planner helps you identify your self-care needs, which ties back to being able to prioritize them. As a result, because you're more self-aware and have the means to track the self-care activities that you do, you also become more accountable over your well being.


    How to Start Self Care Planning

    Undoubtedly, a self-care planner can be a helpful tool in promoting overall wellness. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you create one:


    1. Figure out your self-care needs. 

    The first step is by making a list of things that you find helpful for your physical, emotional, and mental health. This can include things like exercise, meditation, journaling, spending time with loved ones, and so on.

    You can be as detailed as you want and there's no right or wrong answer.


    2. Set a schedule. 

    Now it's time to decide how to integrate self-care activities into your schedule. Make sure to set aside time for self-care daily or weekly. At first, you might be tempted to put these activities for last—maybe at the end of the week or the day—if it doesn't benefit you, schedule them earlier.

    For example: you can try meditation first thing in the morning if you don't have time to exercise. You can also set aside part of your lunch break to write in your journal. Remember, these activities are not an after thought. They're meant to help you prioritize what matters: your well being.


    3. Choose how you want to keep track of your self-care activities.  

    There's a saying that goes: different strokes for different folks. So how you monitor your self-care activities can be vastly different compared to others. Decide how you want to structure your self-care planner in a way that works for you. Here's an example:

    Is it going to be easier for you to remember self-care if it's part of your other tasks and to-do's? If so, then a simple list will probably work for you. You can also integrate them into your calendar. But if you want to monitor self-care activities a little more closely, then maybe a habit tracker is your best bet.

    Choose a format that you'll want to use so that self care planning doesn't become a chore.


    4. Make a plan and stick to it.  

    Schedule your self-care activities in advance and make sure to follow your schedule as much as possible. Another tempting thing to do is prioritizing "more important" tasks by moving these activities around or not doing them at all, but remember: you are important too. This means giving yourself the care you need when you need it.

    By making sure you make time for your self-care activities regularly, you're also training yourself to be more mindful of your needs, ones that will keep you happy and healthy.


    5. Be kind to yourself.

    Not all of us grew up prioritizing ourselves and, if this is the case for you, don't forget to be patient. Building new habits and changing routines isn't an overnight thing so make sure to be consistent.

    Follow your self-care plan, track your progress, and be kind to yourself. This process will take time and that's ok. Don't give up—you've got this!


    Started your own self care plan today!

    Self-care is an important aspect of overall health and well being, and a self-care planner can help ensure that you make time for self care on a regular basis. By creating and keeping one, you're well on your way to leading a healthier, more balanced and fulfilling life.

    How do you make sure self care activities are part of your life? How often do you do them and how has it improved your overall well being? Share it with us in the comments!

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