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  • May 29, 2022 3 min read

    Change is an inevitable part of life. Whether it's personal, professional, or societal, change can often bring uncertainty and challenges. Developing resilience is crucial to navigating these changes and emerging stronger on the other side. Resilience enables us to adapt, bounce back from setbacks, and thrive amidst the winds of change—an undeniable, inescapable constant that we need to be ready for.

    In this blog post, we want to go over five ways you can develop resilience and embrace change with confidence!


    1. Start with acknowledgement and acceptance.

    The first step in developing resilience is recognizing that change is a natural and constant part of life. This is the reality and it’s something that we need to accept if we’re ever going to begin a shift in mindset and approach that will allow us to become more open and adaptable.

    Some people resist change and, in the process, they give themselves unnecessary stress and frustration fighting against something that they don’t have control of to begin with. However, if we let go of the illusion that we have control over preventing change, we can focus our energy on adapting to our new circumstances instead. We can be more ready for any challenges we might face as the possibility of change looms over us.


    2. You can become an inspiration and good influence to other people.

    Celebrating your small wins not only benefits you but also inspires and influences those around you. When others see you celebrating and embracing progress, they become motivated to do the same. Your actions can encourage a positive and celebratory culture within your team, family, or community, inspiring others to strive for their own small wins, and that energy can spread further, outwards, impacting more people in a positive way.


    3. It’s a great way to avoid burnout and stress.

    Constantly striving for big goals without acknowledging your small wins—those little things that you’re achieving—can lead to burnout and increase your stress levels. But by celebrating every victory that paves your way to success, you’re able to take a much needed break. It’s all well and good to keep yourself focused on pursuing what you’re after but allow yourself the time to refresh and recharge!

    By maintaining a healthy work-life balance where you not just work hard but allow yourself to enjoy what you’re working so hard for can ultimately reduce your stress and even enhance your overall well-being.

    The sight of a messy space can induce feelings of anxiety and make it challenging to relax and unwind. This is because all the mess bombards our senses and creates a visual overload and, since our brains have to process all this excess stimuli, this can lead to feelings of overwhelm.

    But by decluttering, you create a tidy and more peaceful atmosphere that promotes calm and relaxation that ultimately leads to reduced stress.


    4. It increases motivation—no, really!

    Have you ever cleaned out a certain part of your home or office space and found yourself in a better mood to get started on pending tasks or continue ones you felt so uninspired to finish? There’s just something about a tidy space that encourages you to create, work, and play while a cluttered one can drain your motivation and make it difficult. By decluttering, you promote a sense of order to your day that has you being more proactive and productive.


    5. It helps with perspective and provides you with something to be grateful for.

    Celebrating small wins is similar to taking a pause to reflect on your journey. It’s a moment to look back and acknowledge how far you’ve come. This provides you with a very valuable perspective on your progress and the obstacles you’ve overcome along the way—a reminder of your strengths and how resilient you are.

    It also fosters gratitude as you appreciate the progress you’ve made, even if you’re not quite at your destination yet. Your mindset shifts your focus from what you lack to what you’ve achieved instead, and isn’t that a beautiful thing? It fills you with positivity and contentment in the present moment, fueling a more positive outlook further.


    Make decluttering a habit!

    Aside from keeping things in order around you so you can navigate about your day while doing your tasks with ease, avoiding a mess by decluttering can significantly improve your productivity and even the overall quality of life. It promotes an environment where you can focus while staying creative, efficient, and productive!

    What other positive effects has decluttering had in your life? Is there anything else you’d like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to know what you think!

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