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  • March 16, 2024 4 min read

    Getting started with journaling is easy enough. Choose a notebook, grab a pen, get to writing your thoughts down, and you’re all set. But that’s the fine art of it in its most basic form - there’s so much more to journaling than that! In order to enjoy the many benefits we can get out of keeping a journal, it’s important that we know how to make the most out of the journaling experience itself.


    1. Have fun with journaling!   

    The last thing you want journaling to be is a chore. Keeping and maintaining one is meant to help you, not stress you out! So if it becomes something tedious that you ‘need to get over and done with,’ stop and consider: is your current journaling setup right for you?


    2. Don’t get bogged down by the ‘rules.’

    The great thing about journaling is that there’s no one way of doing it. There are numerous types of journals, each with its host of benefits, and it’s important to find the one that suits your needs. Everything you see, read, and watch about starting and keeping a journal are simply guides - at the end of the day, you decide what you want to incorporate and how to make journaling work for you.


    3. Turn it into a luxurious ritual.   

    Let’s be real - you won’t always be motivated to journal no matter how much you want to. But here’s something that can help: make journaling a pleasure. Eventually, its association with simple, pleasant things can make a huge difference, especially during days where you’re not sure what to do with a blank page. Use a finely crafted fountain pen, play music or light incense sticks to set the mood - anything. The sky’s the limit!


    4. Write for yourself.

    Writing with an audience in mind - even if it’s just a family member or a significant other - can impact your words and how you say them. You might end up filtering your own thoughts, which is opposite of what journaling is meant to help you with: that is, to be more truthful. Journaling is all about honesty, and you can only be completely honest if you’re writing for no one else but yourself.


    5. It doesn’t have to be perfect right away.  

    Finding a journaling style that fits you can involve lots of trial and error, but don’t get discouraged! Sometimes it takes time, some patience, and a little practice to figure out how you can make the most out of your journaling experience. It may take a while, but you’ll get there. Just keep moving forward!


    In our fast-paced, digital world, there's nothing like slowing down and putting pen to paper. It's a simple pleasure that can help us keep our sanity. Some people plan out their day, week, month, or even year. Others create a little sketch to do something creative every day. There are numerous benefits for going analog: better time managementimproved memory, and even keeping anxiety at bay. Based on our own positive results (and that of our thousands of customers) we'd like to invite you to give journaling a try.

    At LOCHBY, our goal is to help others in their productive and creative practices. We do this by making premium notebooks and accessories. We use rugged waxed canvas exteriors and the finest fountain pen friendly paper. Using construction techniques inspired by our founder's time in the military, you can bet that our items will be a valuable addition to your everyday carry.


    Story from the Founder

    The founder, Chris Elfering, created our original line of journals and accessories. Here's the origin story:

    A few years ago, I was running a travel bag company. We made pouches, dopp kits, rolls; small bags to keep items organized while abroad. I designed the products and partnered with a factory to make them ridiculously durable. 

    I leaned on my six years of experience in the US Army when considering the construction. 

    In the Army, our gear had to be tough. I wanted that same mil-spec construction and durability in our travel gear.

    We double-stitched and bartacked everywhere possible. Chose water and abrasion resistant fabrics. Rock solid, fail-proof zippers.

    The goal was to have functional items that could be passed down for generations. 


    Just as I was starting to make some real progress.

    Life threw me a curve ball.

    I discovered Fountain Pens. 

    As a journaler/planner, I found that fountain pens turned a normal activity like writing into a pleasant ritual. I also started sketching again, something I hadn’t done since middle school.

    Fountain pens were helping me become more productive and creative! 




    The problem I ran into was the same problem all new fountain pen folks experience: poor quality paper ruined the experience. The lower viscosity of fountain pen ink feathered and bled through. So began my journey of testing fountain pen friendly paper. 

    After trying everything, I finally found Tomoe River paper and fell in love. First I made notebooks by hand using loose sheets and sewing the binding. Then I found a factory that could make them faster than my hands could cut and sew.

    There were already notebooks out there, but none blended the functionality and durability that I was looking for. Also, as my fountain pen collection grew, I needed a way to safely organize and transport them. So I drew up some designs and had samples made. 

    Those first items became the Field Journal and the Tool Roll.

    It wasn’t long before friends asked me to get them samples as well and soon we were in full production mode.

    The company started to shift away from travel gear and towards notebooks and daily carry items. Given the new direction, a rebranding seemed necessary and I had to find a new name. 

    LOCHBY loosely translates to “Lake Town,” which is a nod to my hometown of Minneapolis, MN, the City of Lakes. 

    At LOCHBY, we strive to make premium notebooks and accessories that last a lifetime, and then some. Our goal is to help others in their productive and creative practices.

    Thank you for taking the time to read our story. If you have any questions or comments on what we’re doing, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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