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  • March 24, 2023 4 min read

    As enjoyable and thrilling life is, it’s undeniable that it can also be tough sometimes. We all face difficult and challenging situations that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or even hopeless. If you’ve ever felt these things, you're not alone: we all go through the challenges of life in unique ways and through different situations.

    Thankfully, there’s one. proven and tested tool that can help us get through even the most difficult times: journaling. In this blog post, we'll dive into the many ways that journaling can help us cope—from providing a safe space for self-expression to helping develop self-compassion.

    If you haven’t harnessed the truly helpful, powerful side of journaling to help us build resilience and heal from wounds inflicted by the challenges of life, we hope what you read below finally changes your mind!


    1. Journaling helps us process our emotions.

    When life throws you a curveball, it can feel overwhelming enough to confuse you and take you out of your element. You may feel anxious, stressed, or even angry, and it can be tough to understand why you're feeling the way you do. This is where journaling can be a lifesaver since it provides a safe and private space for you to explore and process your emotions. By putting your thoughts and feelings on paper, you can gain a deeper understanding of what you're experiencing.

    For example, you may realize that your anxiety is triggered by a specific event or situation. Once you understand the root cause of your emotions, you can take steps to manage and cope with them more effectively. Previous entries can also shed more light and understanding, showing you patterns of behavior and reactions.


    2. It can aid in problem-solving and provide solutions we wouldn’t have thought of at first.

    When we're facing a difficult challenge, it can be hard to see a way out. We may feel stuck and unsure of what to do next. But armed with pen and paper, journaling can help out with the problem solving part. Writing it down allows you to see what the issue is from different angles, and with these fresh perspectives, you can end up finding solutions. Think of it as having a brainstorming session but with yourself!

    Here’s an example: if you’re struggling with a project and can’t seem to get started, journaling about what you feel can eventually uncover certain things. Is it because you’re focusing too much on making the execution perfect from the get-go? Are your project’s goals unclear?

    Once you identify what the issues are, you can then take the proper steps to move forward with renewed energy and focus.


    3. Journaling forces us to face our problems, making us stronger and more resilient.

    The thing about challenges is that they can feel crippling to the point that we feel powerless. This can end with us taking no action at all to solve our problems. However, journaling can help us develop coping skills and resilience since when we write about the difficult times we face, we're forced to confront them head-on. As we work through life’s challenges, we then become stronger and better equipped to face future difficulties.

    Here’s one example: if someone recently lost their job, it can be a tough blow in many aspects of life. However, by journaling about the experience, one may discover that they have a strong support system—their friends and family. This can also lead to a realization that they possess other skills and strengths that can help them find a new job. 

    By focusing on the positive aspects of our situation, but only after braving through all the negatives, we can build resilience and confidence as we navigate through life. 


    4. It can help us gain perspective.

    During difficult times, it's easy to get caught up in our own thoughts and feelings, which can make it hard to see the bigger picture. We often feel like we’re alone, that no one understands what we’re going through, or that the world is ugly. But when we write about our experiences, we give ourselves the chance to slow down and reflect. We’re able to zoom out and look at things in different ways, and this gives us a better understanding of ourselves and our situation.

    Maybe things aren’t as bad as we think. We’re also reminded that we’re not alone, that other people feel the same way sometimes, that no one understands. But we can seek out help when needed, talk to friends and family or a professional. A quick look back at previous entries and experiences will also show us that the world is a beautiful place, too.

    In short, journaling can help us feel more grounded and grateful despite the tough time we’re having, and this kind of shift in mindset will allow us to brave through the challenges we face with courage.


    5. It can help us develop self-compassion.

    It’s often said that we are our own biggest critics—and it’s true! Sometimes, we’re more understanding of other people and their situations than our own. As a result, we speak to ourselves harshly and beat ourselves up over every little thing. Through journaling, however, we’re allowed to be kinder because it gives us the space to acknowledge the difficult emotions we're feeling without judgment. We have a safe space to process them. This can be incredibly healing, allowing us to approach our experiences with more self-compassion. 

    It’s also great practice so that we can continue being kind. After all, if we can show others kindness, we should be able to do the same to ourselves, no matter the situation or what we’re going through.


    Are you into journaling yet? Try it now and see the benefits yourself!

    Life can be challenging and it's natural to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or even hopeless at times. However, through journaling, we can learn to cope in various ways.

    By observing a consistent journaling practice, we’re always ready to face whatever the future throws at us—both the bad and the good! 

    How has journaling helped you get through the toughest moments of your life? What kind of difference did it make? Share it with us below, we'd love to hear from you!

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