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  • December 16, 2023 11 min read

    Ever heard the phrase, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step?” The same principle applies to achieving your New Year’s resolutions. It all starts with the simple act of setting a goal but, of course and as in all things, there’s so much more to it than that!

    After setting goals, the real secret to success lies in how to keep doing things that bring you ever closer to achieving them. In today’s blog post, we want to take a look at how you can transform our New Year’s resolutions into tangible achievements.


    I. It starts with the crafting: write down your resolutions with precision.

    Making New Year’s resolutions is very similar to setting off on an unknown journey. Even though you have our end destination in mind, it’s not always clear how to get there.

    To make sure you’re headed the right way and are able to stay on track for success, you need to set yourself up with well-defined resolutions that will help ensure you complete them.


    1. What’s your desired outcome?

    Why bother going on a road trip if you don’t have a destination in mind? Unless you plan to drive around aimlessly, it’s not much of a trip unless you’ve got pre-planned stop overs, right? It’s the same thing with your New Year resolutions. The key is having an end goal, one “specific” resolution, for maximum success.

    If your goal is weight loss, make it measurable: don’t just say, “I want to lose weight.” Instead, go for something more specific by identifying the amount of weight you want to lose weekly, or else the exact weight you want to get to after a certain amount of time.

    It’s the same with any other type of outcome-oriented goals, too! The clearer the target or outcome, the more you can tailor fit your approach when it comes to achieving them. You’ll be able to quantify your journey which is important—it will keep you motivated and ensures the resolutions really stick.


    1. Break down big goals into smaller chunks.

    When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, breaking down large goals into smaller ones is a great way of achieving success.

    Just like planning a road trip, you wouldn’t try and drive the entire distance in one go. There will be stop overs for rest and food, sightseeing, and other activities.

    For example: if you’re looking at saving money, would you dedicate your entire paycheck during the first few weeks or months of the year to achieve your goal right away? Most likely not and for good reason—what about other things you need to pay for, like bills and daily essentials, among other things?

    Instead, what you would do is decide on the amount you’d want to have by a certain period—three or six months, a year’s time—and then decide how much you’ll set aside from there.


    1. Measure what you can and establish milestones for them.

    Whenever you set out on a road trip, it’s always helpful to know when reaching certain milestones in order for one to be able to keep track of the journey and progress. Are you closer to your destination? Is it time to rest? Do you need gas? Are you finally where you want to be? Great!

    The same goes with your resolutions. By breaking down big goals into smaller, achievable ones that have specific deadlines, you can easily monitor how far you’ve come while also giving yourself frequent moments of accomplishment as each milestone is achieved.

    Do it the SMART way: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based. This will allow you to keep a cycle that helps you recognize your progress and that you’re getting closer to the outcome you want—a great motivation to keep at it and see your resolutions through.



    II. Time to build an actual roadmap!

    On any trip, a roadmap is essential for plotting out the best path or routes to take. Following the SMART way, it’s the same with your New Year’s Resolutions: if you’re going to succeed, you have to create an achievable plan that will guide you toward success.


    1. Be realistic with timelines.

    Having a sensible timeline for your resolutions is similar to taking note of the number of miles you’ll be driving on any given day until you reach your destination. It’s meant to direct you but also, encourage you—all while keeping you from feeling overwhelmed or taking on a pessimistic mindset.

    This is because if you have one, you’ll know you’re on the right track. It’s also simpler to see if there’s something wrong: are you seeing no results despite the timeframe you’ve given yourself? If so, then it’s easier to look back and see why, and then make the necessary changes so you can continue cruising along.

    This also helps you with breaking off bigger goals into chunks: a timeline can clearly split goals into attainable sections that will help you track progress closely.


    1. Make sure to anticipate possible obstacles!

    When you’re setting your goals, it is just as important to be aware of any potential difficulties that may arise in the same way you’d plan for unexpected detours or delays on a road trip. To overcome these bumps along the way one could consider recognizing causes and forming strategies such as making clear objectives or repeating encouraging affirmations.


    1. Don’t forget to do regular check-ins.

    Regular reviews of your progress towards a resolution can be likened to service stops while on a road trip: they provide you with an opportunity to measure how far along you are, spot any issues that might arise and revise plans if needed. These check-ins allow for tracking success rates in relation to the goal set, sustain commitment and give you leeway when modifications must occur during the journey.


    III. Making it stick is about incremental change.

    Achieving New Year’s resolutions can seem daunting, much like driving 500 miles in one day—which can cause a lot of problems and is downright impossible without you ending up exhausted.

    Setting smaller goals that are divided into incremental steps makes the undertaking appear more manageable and doable.

    Focusing on starting from a point of little effort can also help you get into a mindset where you start to recognize that persevering behavior—keeping on and moving forward, no matter what—is rewarded over time, which then leads to success.


    1. You can start with mini habits.

    Don’t expect success on a resolution without first taking small, achievable steps. Start with mini habits that can easily be completed in your daily life and it will set the stage for more impactful changes down the road.

    Just as you don’t plan to drive nonstop during a road trip, building such habits bit by bit makes it less daunting than tackling them all at once and increases chances of success over time.


    1. Celebrate small victories. Always.

    When going on a road trip, it is important to take time for celebration when milestones are achieved along the way. It can be little things to reward all the effort you’re making: a stop over at a beautiful viewpoint, a quick snack, or just rest.

    The same goes for achieving resolutions: every little success should be seen as an opportunity to Motivate and stay on track towards reaching your goals. Celebrating small victories can increase your enthusiasm and provide valuable momentum needed in order to reach those desired outcomes.


    1. Keep “expansion” gradual.

    As your journey progresses, consider widening the scope of your trip to explore more places. Likewise, when striving towards achieving a personal goal, be sure to set ambitious yet achievable objectives. Slow and steady wins the race as the saying goes—and it’s true especially if you want your resolutions to stick.

    Not only will you avoid getting overwhelmed by taking things slow, this kind of process is key in cultivating individual growth: when you’re able to see the progress you’re making, it can keep you motivated and encourage you to keep going further.



    IV. A community makes a difference: foster accountability and support.

    Venturing off on a road trip with another person to help share the load and get you back on track is quite similar to having support systems that will motivate you into following through with your resolutions.

    Just as someone you’re on a trip with can keep you awake or else switch with you when you’re tired of driving, having people around you with similar goals can help keep you driven.


    1. Consider having accountability partners.

    Finding an accountability partner also requires you to pick someone who is dependable and provides support in achieving goals. That person should help keep focus on the commitments made by providing the required enthusiasm even during trying times. To be effective, they need to have similar objectives that both partners want fulfilled together.


    1. Look for and join like-minded communities.

    Do you consult other people or resources from other people before going on a road trip? Most likely so you have an idea what to expect or just to get a preview of what the trip is going to be like.

    Joining an understanding and supportive community can help you stay on track when it comes to keeping your resolutions. Shared experiences can ensure you’re inspired and encouraged, no matter how difficult things are, which are excellent motivation throughout your journey.



    V. Learn to adapt to setbacks and remain flexible when realigning goals.

    Going on a road trip can bring unexpected turns, and your journey of reaching and keeping resolutions can be end up with the same. Don't fret over these obstacles—they're nothing more but part of the entire experience! The key is to analyze any difficulties you’ve encountered, adapt accordingly, and remain committed to what you hope to accomplish through your resolution.


    1. Missteps are learning opportunities.

    No matter if you’re tackling a goal or traveling on an adventure, stumbling along the way is to be expected. It’s essential that we learn from our slip-ups and strive not to make them again by pinpointing what went wrong in order for us not to come up short with achieving our objectives.


    1. When something’s not working, make adjustments to your strategy.

    When you’re trying to keep your resolution, it’s important to assess when a strategy needs adjusting and be able to make the necessary changes in order to stay on track. A roadblock encountered while traveling can usually be navigated around by finding an alternative route.

    Similarly, any setbacks as you try and reach your goals should encourage you to think of alternate ways to still be successful in the long run.


    1. Always reaffirm your commitment!

    If your road trip has gone off-course or experienced any interruptions, then making a renewed pledge to reach your ultimate goal is important. This mindset can be applied when striving towards achieving resolutions.

    It may sound cheesy but reaffirming your commitment helps you stay focused and energized despite any bumps you encounter along the way. This helps keep the temptation of giving up away.


    VI. Cultivate a mindset that’s focused on success.

    When embarking on any journey, it’s essential to have reliable transportation. The same holds true with achieving your goals—healthy mental habits are a must for success! This can be accomplished by speaking positively about yourself, picturing reaching the desired outcome and effectively managing stress levels.


    1. Be kind to yourself by practicing positive self talk.

    Talking to yourself positively is like having a reassuring navigational system. It can uplift you, reduce tension and keep you in high spirits as you strive for your aspirations. Your number one motivator and source of inspiration should be you, after all!


    1. Visualize your success.

    Imagine the delight of achieving your objectives. This visualization is a great source for increasing motivation, self-assurance and tenacity to draw in beneficial chances and resources that will make it possible to reach success.

    In fact, athletes do the same thing before a big event! It can be a great source of confidence and further motivation to keep you pressing on.


    1. Find effective ways to manage stress.

    Having good stress management is like making sure your vehicle runs smoothly for the road ahead. It keeps you strong and in control, aiding you on your mission to better well being and contributing positively to overall good health.

    If your road trip has gone off-course or experienced any interruptions, then making a renewed pledge to reach your ultimate goal is important. This mindset can be applied when striving towards achieving resolutions. Don't forget why you're doing what you do but, also, don't forget important things like rest. Do other things aside from just hyperfocusing on your resolutions.

    If things are getting too much, it's ok to take a break for example! After all, the goal (no pun intended!) is to stick to your resolution and keeping your experience as you do so positive is key.



    VII. Integrate resolutions into your daily life.

    To stay committed and focused on the goal at hand, combine health-conscious habits with a self care routine that covers physical as well as mental wellbeing.


    1. Sync your goals with the lifestyle you have.

    Organizing your resolutions to coincide with the way you live can be likened to plotting out a journey that suits your interests—you’ll look forward to it more because it means something to you. This makes them not only achievable but everlasting in a way.


    1. Have a self care routine!

    To stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions, just like how you would maintain your vehicle for a road trip, creating and sustaining a self-care practice is essential.

    Self-care helps reinforce feelings of well being by improving one’s mood, focus and energy as well as resilience. This will ensure that you stick to your goals and resolutions!


    1. Consider a gratitude journal.

    During road trips, people take photos of unforgettable moments or else set aside keepsakes to remind them of key things that happened.

    A gratitude journal, when trying to keep your resolutions, can make you appreciate all the hardships and challenges you’ve overcome and will give you a boost so that you’ll have no choice but to keep going.


    VIII. Maintain that momentum throughout the year!

    Keeping your focus and passion throughout the year, as you would maintain a certain pattern as you travel closer to your trip’s destination, is vital so that you don’t falter. To stay motivated, it’s important to review goals often. Seeking out fresh perspectives can also help! Integrate resolutions into your daily life.


    1. Review and reevaluate your goals when you can.

    Checking your progress and re-evaluating goals periodically is similar to frequently taking a look at the condition of your car when on a road trip. You’d want to make sure everything’s running smoothly so you don’t end up stuck in the middle of nowhere. It will also prevent delays.  

    When you give yourself time to reevaluate the resolutions you have for the year, it guarantees that you stay true to your end goals. It also gives you an opportunity to see what’s working and what’s not and then make improvements from there.


    1. Find new inspiration!

    Things tend to get dull when it becomes repetitive… and it’s unfortunately the same for your resolutions. So spice things up! Find something new and exciting about what you’re doing so that you don’t lose the drive needed to reach the end of your journey.

    When a road trip starts to turn boring, people usually seek out places and activities outside of what they have planned—try it with your goals. Is there something you haven’t attempted before? Give it a chance and allow yourself to discover new things.


    The key is to keep going no matter what—but also, having a plan in place to help you move forward.

    Sticking to your resolutions is as much about setting your goals and planning out the journey towards each one step by step. In this way, you've got all bases covered!

    What New Year's Resolutions do you have for the coming year? Are there some that you'll be carrying over from this year? What are new ones you're excited about? Share it with us in the comments!

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