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The Family Pack

42 reviews

All of your favorite items bundled together for additional savings! The Family Pack includes:

  • 1x Field Journal (Dot Grid Refill included)
  • 1x Pocket Journal (Dot Grid Refill included)
  • 1x Tool Roll
  • 1x Quattro
  • 2x Field Journal Refills (Planner & Plain)
  • 2x Pocket Journal Refills (Ruled & Dot Grid)
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Customer Reviews
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    Canyon E.
    United States

    The Family Pack is Awesome!

    They give you everything you need for your daily writing process and everything you need to continue pursuing your daily activities.

    J H.
    United States United States

    Very lovely bundle! Few improvements could be made to refine the products to be perfect

    I'm going to review each item in a row! All are very lovely, and just small changes could make the 4 star items 5 stars easily. I only have one large complaint, and that's the threading. It's a bit inconsistent and sloppy in places, but I talk about that more near the end. Field Journal- Excellently constructed. The rigid covers make it easy to carry with you and use whenever you need to. Easily able to hold multiple refills at once and small accessories so that it's always ready to go to fill any need you have. The two ribbons are nice, but they could probably be a bit higher quality. I love the buckle closure system. It just works and looks super refined. Stitching is off in some areas, but I'll talk about that more in the next part. Pocket journal- Really really nice to throw in a bag and take any notes you need to. It's A6 sized refills pretty much, so that's about the size you're getting. There's two slots on the front of the journal when closed to hold a pen and other stuff- The smaller pocket is just a bit too small to use comfortably, but the big one makes up for it and shows how great it could be. The zipper gets in the way of writing a bit, but they seemed to minimize that as much as possible, and it really isn't bad if you're using it as a quick place to jot down notes. It almost seems like my smaller pen slot is stitched badly- It's wider at the bottom than at the top. This makes it really hard to get a pen in there. There's also a couple places where it seems the stitching has gone awry. I've included photos of them. Quatro- I absolutely love this thing. 5 Stars. Holds 4 pens like an absolute dream. Inside material is soft and I actually trust it to stay together. Just wonderful. I will say that this item had one of the most egregious threading issues, and I tried to fix it myself by a very very quick, less than .5s, exposure to a Bic lighter. The result was the nylon easily melting and making the edge look worse than before. I know the result was my fault, but I truly believe the threading issue should be fixed. I talk about it more a bit later. Tool Roll- This one I have not used much to be honest. It seems very well constructed though, just like everything else, and I can see myself using it when I travel somewhere and want more than just 4 pens/pencils. My largest complaint is a slightly picky one: There are loose thread ends slightly rampant on the product. They're not long- Obviously they've been trimmed. They've not been melted or torched though. If you try to do it yourself, it melts the nylon strap they've stitched through, which makes it look a bit messy and burnt. This is noticeable on any seam they make pretty much. I counted at least 4 on both of my journals. This is just a small refinement that could be made to have this product be more perfect. It's already completely and absolutely functional, but personally I believe for the price it could be more refined and be perfect. Lastly, the refills. These things are awesome! I've had some issues with Tomoe River recently since they switched producers, but the paper Lochby uses in all their refills is flawless. Ballpoint, rollerball, gel, fountain pen, all write flawlessly. Fountain pen and water based ink especially does not feather and goes down smooth. Shows its color very well. The paper is light and does not bleed through or ghost easily. Their dot grid pattern is my favorite, but the paper is the same high quality on each refill I've tried. All in all, I am very satisfied with the products that came. As a short recap, everything is great, but the products could have little tweaks and a bit higher QC that make them totally perfect. I'd love to see Lochby fix these issues, or let me know if my products just slipped by quality control on accident. If I have the freak products I'd be more than happy to change my review to show the excellent value I think this bundle gives this way!

    A LOCHBY Customer
    Tamberly C.
    United States United States

    Perfect addition to my supplies

    I was that person who didn’t do research on the paper before complaining but to my surprise it is perfect. Hold light watercolor with no bleed through. And the quality of the holders is awesome. I truly love my lochby journals and tool pouch!!!

    Joseph P.
    United States United States

    New to journaling

    I really enjoy it. I’m starting drawing and journaling as a way to reduce stress and it has been immensely helpful. I’m a chef and the pocket journal has been great for taking notes and drawing diagrams. It is now a part of my EDC. I honestly haven’t used the tool roll or quatro yet. But I’m sure I will at some point.

    Simon B.
    United States United States

    Excellent for the travelling writer or artist.

    I love the kit that I purchased from Lochby. The material they use to craft their products is both beautiful and durable. I enjoy the look and feel of them, and am also a huge fan of the color combination. I highly recommend it!